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De_Zoeker (The Seeker) formed the basis for the founding of the Society of Zaan Windmills. The mill was originally situated in a field near Zaandijk, where it was built in 1672. It remained an oil mill before being converted in 1891 into a dye mill. However the oil works were re-installed 10 years later, to process vegetable oils from different kinds of oil seed, such as linseed and rape seed.

The windmill was in a bad state when the city of Zaandijk bought the mill and restored it. Before this work could be done it was moved over a railway line and through the village to its current location along the river Zaan.

By 1958, the windmill was producing oil again, as it had done for three centuries before.



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Kalverringdijk • Zaandam • North-Holland • The Netherlands • You find us 15 kilometer north of Amsterdam along the river Zaan • Easy access by train


Oil mill from 1672

Opening hours: March 1 till October 15, from 9.30 – 16.00. Closed Saturday.

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