There was a time, you could see more than 200 saw mills in the Zaan region. The first were build between 1614-1618 and many more were to follow thereafter. In those days everything was build out of timber, so mechanical saw mills were huge succes. Today, regrettably, only two remain. One of these two survivors De_Gekroonde_Poelenburg is a so-called paltrok mill. These saw mills have an open structure and the complete mill are turned into the wind with the aid of a great ring of wooden rollers on a brick-and-mortal wall at the base.

In 1963 the mill was dismantled from its original spot and brought to the Zaanse_Schans. In 2004 a big renovation took place and at this occasion the mill was painted again in its original green color.



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Kalverringdijk • Zaandam • North-Holland • The Netherlands • You find us 15 kilometer north of Amsterdam along the river Zaan • Easy access by train


Saw mill from 1867

Opening hours: the mill is not open to visitors

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