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There are two mills, De_Huisman (The Homemaker) and Het_Indisch_Welvaren (The Indian Prosperity) and a paper warehouse, that were involved in the construction of the current mustard mill, De_Huisman. The paper warehouse was already located on the present spot, but two mills were originally located elsewhere in Zaandam. During the 1950s, both mills had to be moved due to city redevelopment. The mills and the warehouse were put together to the present windmill.

Since 1961, the renowned Zaanse mustard has been produced in De_Huisman in exactly the same way as in the olden days. The only difference is that it can be bought now in almost every Dutch supermarket!




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Kalverringdijk • Zaandam • North-Holland • The Netherlands • You find us 15 kilometer north of Amsterdam along the river Zaan • Easy access by train


Mustard and spice mill from 1786

Opening hours: every day 10.00 – 17.00

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