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In 1646, a gentleman named Adriaan_Gerritszoon_van_ Someren was granted a wind contract (a kind of government permit for catching the wind), or effectively a building permit for his paint mill De_Kat (The Cat) along the River Zaan. The mill caught fire in 1782 but was restored shortly afterwards. It took another century before the mill was almost completely demolished in 1904.

Following restoration around 1960, the mill was originally used for sifting sawdust. It then became a paint mill was also used for grinding chalk. De_Kat specializes in producing high-quality paint. Countless artists from home and abroad find their way to De_Kat. Also many museums, from the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam to the Vatican museum, buy the special pigments. De_Kat receives the most visitors at the Zaanse Schans.



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Kalverringdijk • Zaandam • North-Holland • The Netherlands • You find us 15 kilometer north of Amsterdam along the river Zaan • Easy access by train


Paint mill from 1646

Opening hours: daily 9.30-16.30

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